Coemar StripLite LED RGBW

The classic StripLite Led redesigned and upgraded. Using new full color LED chips and newly redefined lenses, this fixture ensures a brighter output without compromising the color mixing.
The StripLite Led pairs well with the new ParLite (which shares the same led engine and optical solution), for stunning wash effects and decoration with beautiful color and mixing. It can be mounted either on top of truss with its embedded camlock system or on the ground using the standing feet.
Available in IP20 (inside) and IP65 (weatherproof) versions.

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  • RGBW color mixing
  • Standard lens 12°/35°
  • Electronic dimmer
  • Synchronized, random or pulse electronic strobe
  • Guaranteed flicker-free operation with LEDs frequency controlled via DMX from 600 to 19.000 Hz
  • 2 ground-standing feet
  • IP rating: 20 or 65 (weatherproof)
  • CE approved