1 SOUND MiniSUB5 Compact subwoofer

1 SOUND MiniSUB5 offers substantial bass reinforcement, while its unique form factor makes it the ideal compact subwoofer for
installations where space is at a premium, and discretion is important. This sub incorporates one 5” driver, that allows it to
generate up to 108 dB SPL, with a bass extension down to 36 Hz, remarkable for its size.

This bass enclosure has a square profile, 20” on each side, and is only 4.75” deep. Its sleek design, with no visible branding, features an integrated French cleat installation system for simple and secure wall installation. It also has four conventional M6 rigging points, as well as removable rubber feet for low-profile floor or shelf deployment.

Available in black, white, custom colour and, custom finish.

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