1 SOUND CT28 Contour 3-way speaker

1 SOUND Contour CT28 is a compact, 3-way passive loudspeaker capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 145 dB. This is a powerful speaker that sounds intimate at lower volumes.

The Contour combines two 8″ low-frequency drivers and a coaxial 4″ + 2″ mid-high compression driver in a horn-loaded pointsource enclosure that delivers a controlled 100° x 50° coverage down to 200 Hz, with a bass response down to 70 Hz.

It is a medium-to-long throw point-source that maintains its directionality in the far field. With its compact format coupled with its versatile accessories, this loudspeaker is useful for small to large installations and live production audio.

Available in black, white, custom colour and, custom finish.

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